Proposed runway construction (06/24L) related matters

Current Prague-Ruzyne airport traffic is 9.2 MM passengers per year. Only in 1996 it was planned for a maximum of 6 to 7 MM passengers per year (Workshop of the Prague Development Department about the strategic plan of the Capital city of Prague in January/February 1996). Currently the Czech Airport Authority (“CSL”) speaking about plans to increase the capacity to 11.4 to 12.6 MM 1 passengers in the year 2010 (Forecast study for the Ruzyne airport by CSL, 2003). This represents during the year of 2010 up to 550 take-offs and landing daily and approximately 750 in the year of 2020. Currently it is approximately 100 less (forecast study).

In accordance with the current zoning plan the construction of the new runway is planned after the year 2010, and it is included in the non-binding section of the zoning plan. Investor proposed moving the date of the completion to the year 2007. This would move the zoning plan of Prague to the collision with the zoning plan of the larger entity (Mid-Bohemia region).

Planned runway would be located approximately 1,500 meters from the existing runway towards Nebusice and would be sized for the largest aircrafts.

In connection with the lowering landing fees, and CSL policy to compete with the neighboring countries airports, and the absence of the national legislative, the result is that Ruzyne airport is attracted by a certain amount of aircrafts banned by the European Union (“EU”), which are Asia bound, and by the low cost carriers.

The law requires that noise protection areas be declared around the runway; this is calculated in advance, therefore it is an estimate only. CSL estimates (we speculate that it is a rosy picture) that trough the center of Nebusice would be intersected by a 55 decibels noise level zone. Since this is an average noise level (median of 24 hour period), it is obvious that individual deviations upwards would be relatively enormous. The center of Nebusice would be as close to the new runway as the north of Predni Kopanina is close to the existing runway. The area of Mala Sarka would be only few hundred meters from the high noise protective zone. Currently the high noise level protective zone, where the noise level can reach 65 to 75 decibels runs over the road-connecting highway to Kladno with Horomerice.

Foreign sources are concluding that it is not only the noise level, but the aircraft emission as well, which contribute to the higher incidence of cancer in the areas of the airport vicinity (see Exposing Airport’s Poison Circles, in: Earth Island Journal, Vol. 15, No. 4).

It is not our responsibility to propose alternatives!

What must be done to oppose the runway construction successfully:


  1. Be present in the Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) proceedings. (probably Fall of 2004). Included is a professional evaluation Investor’s presented documents by the Ministry of Environment and eventual preparation of the opposing documents. Professional analyses must be a core of the work within EIA.
    Since anybody can participate at EIA, it is necessary to distribute to citizens instructions and facts, which will enable every citizen to meaningful participation. Participation of several hundreds, or even thousands citizens is not only a higher administration burden, but also a pressure for a prudent decision.
  2. Presence during the change of Zoning Plan. (October 2004). Includes mainly obtaining verbal and pictorial description of the proposed change from the Prague City Hall, currently declared confidential, lobbying in the committees of the City Council, and a massive presence during the City Council session, which should have a form of the demonstration. Coordination of this action is necessary.
  3. Presence during the Construction Permit proceedings. (estimated 2005, or 2006). Includes mainly detailed and continued monitoring activities of administration offices, legal review.
  4. Presence in related proceedings. It is for example approval procedure for permitting a large pollution source, eventually to force initiation of that approval procedure. Water resource proceedings, legal support of landowners subject to the expropriation of the land in the public interest, or eventually follow-up reclassification of the agricultural land for the construction, or land boundary change proceedings.
  5. Connected to the above: Request information in accordance with the “Public right to the information” from the involved governmental offices as required. Since these offices are routinely not releasing information, it is necessary to pay attention to this matter and follow-up all the way to the court decision.
  6. In parallel: Make Investor’s life miserable by all legal means: For example lawsuits from the neighboring citizens in accordance with the civic law, lawsuits for not adhering to EU law, even that it was not adopted (matters such as use of the old noisy aircrafts).
  7. In parallel: Make life miserable for the Investor by the public resistance. Organization of demonstrations, distribution of fliers, creating a negative medial picture domestically as well as internationally, pointing out any braking rules and regulations by the governmental and municipal bureaus and by the Investor.
  8. Negative picture: Extend the influence to the national government since it is committed to sell CSL.


Jan Holub


1 Deputy Mayor Burgemeister is talking about targeted final number of passengers as 30 MM (Workshop of Prague’s Development Department concerning Strategic Plan for the Capitol City of Prague, September 2004).







Minutes of Meeting between Citizens Initiative for Nebusice and Czech Airport Authority

On September 24, 2004 meetings was held between the representatives of Citizens Initiative for Nebusice
(“the Company”) and the Czech Airport Authority (“the Investor”) concerning the proposed new airport runway. Approximately 10 people attended meeting, for the Company Mgr. Jan Holub and Ing. Michal Sorm was present.
Representatives of the Company informed the management of the Investor that the Company members are definitely opposed the plans for the planned runway, just like the majority of the citizens of Nebusice. Representatives of the Company reasoned that by the construction of the proposed runway would detrimentally lower the environmental life standard for the citizen’s of Nebusice, protected park of Sarka, and additional localities.
Representatives of the Investor agreed that noise level for the residents of Nebusice would substantionaly increase, and therefore in the past the Investor opposed the additional home construction in Nebusice.
In the present time, the Investor does not have a more suitable solution than to built the proposed runway,
At the conclusion, the representatives of the Company informed the Investor that conditions for calling for the local referendum regarding the proposed runway was met. After the referendum would take the place, the Company would take additional steps to stop the construction of the runway.

September 24, 2004